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Children's House Montessori Teacher Certification (3-6 Years Old)

Specializing in educating children ages 3 to 6, this course offers a unique and comprehensive approach to learning about how the Montessori method came to be, how to practice it, and the science that informs the way it functions in real-life classrooms today. Designed for experienced educators looking to earn a Montessori Teacher Diploma and for those beginning their careers in Montessori education.
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Children's House Montessori Teacher Certification (3-6 Years Old)

Course Overview

Course Overview
August 2022 Cohort

August 2022 Cohort

Our course starting August 23, 2022 will be begin with 10 weeks of the Foundational Studies.

This is a paced out schedule great for those who can commit to such a schedule over several months.

Live online classes take place 2 days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays while the Self-Study assignments are on Wednesdays. The self-study time involves readings, materials practice and assignments so we highly recommend to block off approximately 3-4 hours those days to complete the work.

Enrollment Steps

  1. Please complete the online application below by August 9, 2022.
  2. We will send a Recommendation Form to be completed by your Manager / Head of School or Reference.
  3. We will get back to you for follow up or with an admissions decision by August 16, 2022.
  4. If you accept your training offer, training information and instructions will be emailed to you.
September 2022 Cohort

September 2022 Cohort

Our course starting September 12, 2022 will be begin with 5 weeks of the Foundational Studies.

This is aimed to be a daytime intensive weekday schedule.

Live online classes take place 5 days a week Monday - Friday from 12 - 3:30 pm ET. The self-study time involves readings, materials practice and assignments so we highly recommend to block off approximately 4-5 hours those days to complete the work.

Enrollment Steps - Applications opening up soon!

  1. Please complete the online application below by August 31, 2022.
  2. We will send a Recommendation Form to be completed by your Manager / Head of School or Reference.
  3. After we review your application and referenc, we will follow up with an admissions decision by September 2, 2022.
  4. If you accept your training offer, training information and instructions will be emailed to you.
The online classes are fantastic—packed full of fresh insights into Montessori education—and facilitated by trainers who clearly want all of their students to succeed.
Melissa McElhill
Melissa McElhill
Children's House Diploma Student

Certification Overview Video

Are you more of a visual learner? Check out this video as a complement to the written details on this page.
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Course delivery and assessment

Our delivery of the course involves online seminars and discussions, in-person immersive learning experiences, individual study, and in-school teaching practice.

Our online classes are offered at different times of the day in order to make it possible to attend classes wherever you are in the world, and our live offerings can be completed in one of several locations we bring our coursework to.

True to Montessori philosophy, we assess learning and performance in a way that encourages student-driven goal setting. This means that students can submit each assessment when they feel they have mastered the subject at hand. We review assessment material and collaborate with students so that they can make improvements where necessary.

When you complete all four course components, you will obtain a fully certified diploma accredited by MACTE.


The diploma program requires a time commitment of approximately 800 hours. It typically takes between 12-months and two years to complete these course requirements, depending on your personal circumstances and how rapidly you are able to complete the degree program requirements. We begin a new cohort almost monthly.


Our Diploma course is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council of Teacher Education (MACTE). Known and respected across the world, it is the only accrediting body for Montessori teacher education programs recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.


$5000 for the entire MACTE Diploma Course.

When you apply, you’ll describe your financial needs. If you are accepted into the program, we will evaluate your needs and determine your eligibility for a scholarship and/or payment plan. The payment plan is typically in 3-5 installments with the first installment due before the training starts and the subsequent 2-4 payments due the consecutive months following the start of the training.

Once in-person student teaching resumes, adult learners are required to have at least one field visit by a Prepared Montessorian consultant. Adult learners will be responsible for the expenses for this field visit (travel, accommodations, meals, etc).

Course Requirements

Since we largely based online, access to reliable high-speed internet and video/webcam to be on-camera in class is needed. Furthermore, you will need access to a Montessori Children's House classroom for materials practice, observations, and practice teaching.

Materials Practice

For access to materials, you will need to coordinate with a local Montessori school to practice with their materials when students are not present (i.e., weekends).

If you do not have a school confirmed during Foundational Studies, you work with our training team to recreate the materials with items that can be likely be commonly found on your own.

You can also purchase a set of materials from us that you can keep for $495. Please note this only satisfies the first 20 hours of materials practice.

Practicum (Classroom Observations & Practice Teaching)

Furthermore, for the practicum portions of your studies, it is highly recommended that you have access to a classroom led by a qualified lead guide. You will first observe the qualified lead guide and then be supervised by the qualified lead guide for your practice teaching. A qualified guide is a guide:

  • with a MACTE diploma
  • and at least one year of post-certification Lead Guide experience in the same age range in which you will be studying

If there is not a qualified Guide, the guide-in-training is designated as a "Self-Directed Guide" and will have additional review and support required from the Prepared Montessorian training team.

You will need to coordinate independently with a local Montessori school to plan out your classroom observations and practice teaching hours. You will need 50 hours of observation and 320 hours of practice teaching hours. We can assist with connecting you with our partner network of schools.

Course Structure

The path to learning is organized into four units, covering a broad range of topics including teaching methodology, childhood development, and classroom materials. It is delivered in a variety of ways in order to support multifaceted learning.

Children’s House Foundational Studies (73 hours)

Zoom classes + Pre / Post Class Assignments + Self-Study Asynchronous Week + Final Assessment

Set schedule where you will need to attend on specific dates and times. See the schedule next to the upcoming cohort information below.

This live, online part of the course is designed to ground the student in Montessori philosophy and teaching methodology. It involves an overview of Maria Montessori's discoveries concerning childhood development, the classroom materials she created, and the ways in which modern educators give lessons using those specialized materials. It can be taken anywhere you have an internet connection but is enhanced if you have access to Montessori materials. Don't have access? We can help.

Children’s House Continuing Studies (90 hours)

Zoom classes + Pre / Post Class Assignments

Flexible options where you will schedule when you will attend on specific dates and times. Schedule will be provided when you are enrolled.

Building upon the learnings from Foundational Studies, we take a deeper dive into the role of observation and classroom leadership. We also develop student understanding in each area of the Montessori classroom, and follow a seminar series focusing on Montessori theory that informs the practice of Montessori educators. These live, online discussions are offered at convenient times with several options throughout the year.

Self-Paced Independent Studies & Practicum (530 hours)

Materials / Lessons Practice + Observation Assignments + Practice Teaching + Assessments

Flexible to your schedule. You will need to coordinate and pace out these requirements.

At the pace of each individuals choosing, this part of the course allows for the deep study of every lesson that makes up the Montessori curriculum through engagement with our online lesson library where videos of experts delivering lessons and guide learners to learn and submit videos of themselves carrying out certain Montessori lessons. From there, students go from practice to reality when they observe fully operational Montessori classrooms and practice giving these lessons to children with guidance.

During your student teaching, you will have 3 reviews by one of our field consultants for an assessment (4 visits for adult learners who are not placed with a supervising teacher). At least one of these visits will be in-person; the others will be remote/virtual/recordings. It's possible that, depending on your location, you may need to travel a consultant to review you. The costs of traveling a consultant (i.e., transporation, lodging, food) will be on the learner's expense but capped at $750 total.

Children’s House In-Residency Studies (3 weeks)

Full-time in-person classes

Set schedule where you will need to attend on specific dates and times. You will schedule this part of your studies towards the end of the course.

This portion of the course takes the learning from the other components to deeper and more advanced levels through a live and in-person immersive learning experience in one of our training centers. We study and discuss parent involvement, child development, and advanced Montessori presentation skills. We offer this course several times throughout the year and in different locations so you can plan ahead for the in-residency opportunity most convenient for you. Southern California will be one location. Other planned locations will be in the Northeast, Midwest and Southern US regions.

Want more information?

Click HERE to access further details about the course structure.

Click HERE to access the Diploma Courses Brochure.

You could use this Time Zone Converter if you need to convert the schedule.

Have a question?

Have a question?

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Meet Your Instructors

Meggan Burak
Meggan Burak
Meggan Burak is our Montessori Mentor. After studying Journalism at the University of Wyoming, Meggan moved to Minnesota which is where she began her Montessori training. She received her Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Primary Diploma from the Montessori Center of Minnesota. Over her twenty-plus years as a Montessori educator, Meggan has worn many hats. She has opened a Montessori school, worked in Nido and Toddler environments, and has been a Children’s House Guide, Head of School, and Administrator. Her passion has always been to help guide others along their Montessori paths. Meggan is delighted to be a Montessori Mentor with the Prepared Montessorian Institute supporting new guides and guides in training as they set off on their Montessori journeys.
Michelle Ahern
Michelle Ahern
Michelle Ahern is a Montessori educator working with the Prepared Montessorian team. Michelle grew up in Ireland and earned her BSc from The University of Limerick in Digital Media Design. Soon after, she decided to swap computers for classrooms and began to explore a career in early childhood education in Asia. She found Montessori and moved to Portland, OR, to complete her Montessori AMI 3-6 certification at Montessori Northwest. She recently obtained her MEd in Early Childhood Education and Special Education and has spent the past few years working in classrooms in New York City. Michelle is excited to share her love for the Montessori approach with new guides and guides-in-training!
Emily Daggett
Emily Daggett
As a child, Emily attended Montessori programs in Portland, OR through middle school. She credits her education with fostering a love of learning that continues to serve her today. After earning a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Occidental College, Emily traveled the world and found her way back to her roots. She received her Montessori 3-6 and 6-12 certification from the Association Montessori Internationale, as well as an M.Ed. from Loyola University. She is currently working on completing her 0-3 training. Emily has worked with children ages 18 months to 12 years in Montessori settings and most recently served as Communication Manager at Montessori Northwest training center. She hopes to use her background as a Montessori child turned educator to advocate for high quality education for all children.


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