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Diploma Courses FAQ

We value your individual experience, so if you have any questions about how to complete your training experience with us, just let us know ( and we'll find solutions customized for you.
Diploma Courses FAQ

General Diploma Questions

  • How are applicants selected?

    We have limited spots for each course. Though we’d love to accept everyone who wants to join, that simply might not be possible. We will ask each applicant to submit an application that shows their current qualifications and future ambitions and require a recommendation from a previous employer. We do want to make sure that those selected are available and willing to dedicate time to complete all course requirements. You will be asked for a recommendation from your Head of School, and those selected must be in good standing with their role as a Lead Guide or Assistant Guide. However, if you are currently not employed at a school, you’ll need a relevant reference that can respond accordingly as to why you are applying for the diploma course.

  • Who is a relevant reference for my diploma course application?
  • Will I be able to teach at a Montessori school after I complete this diploma course?
  • Do I need someone to supervise my practice teaching?
  • I am not currently affiliated with or employed by a Montessori school, but access to materials and classrooms is required to successfully complete every component of the training. Will Prepared Montessorian help me with finding placement?
  • I am currently an assistant guide at a Montessori school. Will I be promoted to lead guide after i finish the course?
  • Can I attend if I am currently an assistant/lead guide in another age range?
  • What kind of workload will be required?
  • How proficient do I need to be with technology? What platforms will you be using in your training?
  • Do you offer the course in other languages other than English? How proficient do I need to be?
  • Does your program qualify for military member or military spouse funding?
  • How do I qualify for a scholarship?
  • What does a MACTE accreditation mean?
  • What is your refund policy?

Nido & Toddler and Children's House Diploma Questions

  • Is there a course that combines ages 0-6?

    There is not a course that combines the two age ranges 0-3 and 3-6.

  • I am passionate about early childhood education but I’m having a hard time choosing between the Nido & Toddler (ages 0-3) and Children’s House (3-6) diploma courses. What do you recommend?
  • Will I need access to Montessori materials?
  • Is all of the training self-paced?
  • Is all of the training online?
  • Do my practicum hours need to be in both nido and toddler classrooms?

Elementary Diploma Questions

  • Will I receive diploma upon completion? Are there any prerequisites?

    Yes. If you complete and pass all of the required components of our Elementary I/II Training Course and you already have a Bachelor’s Degree, you will receive a Full Diploma from our training center, which is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). MACTE is the only Montessori accrediting body that is recognized by the government and has accredited many Montessori training centers affiliated with AMI or AMS, as well as independent Montessori training centers like The Prepared Montessorian.

    If you do not have a Bachelor’s Degree, you can earn an Associate’s Diploma. If you complete a Bachelor’s Degree within three years of graduation from our course, you can turn that Associate’s Diploma into a Full Diploma without completing any additional coursework.

  • I am interested in just the upper elementary (9-12) training. Do you offer that as a separate training course?
  • Can i attend if i am currently an assistant guide in Nido, Toddler, or Children’s House?
  • What qualifies as a Montessori elementary environment?
  • Does my practicum need to be in both lower and upper elementary classroom?