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Become a part of a global community

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No matter where you are on your journey to become a Montessori educator, we want to get to know you! Join us for regular virtual meet & greets, info sessions, and professional development workshops to continue your learning journey with us.
Thriving Children, Thriving Adults

Thriving Children, Thriving Adults

When we envision the adults that the children in schools today are going to become, we begin with a simple question: what do they need to create a full, satisfying life? In fact, what will a full satisfying life look like in the future?

Tomorrow’s adults will need to be adaptable, creative problem-solvers, adept at handling ambiguity, and confident, clear thinkers. Join us in preparing children for a bright future in a world yet unknown, giving them the skills to thrive and succeed.

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Q&A with Shawn Edwards on setting the tone and culture of your school
Q&A with Shawn Edwards on setting the tone and culture of your school
Nov 30th, 2020 · Q&A
The relationships between adults in a school community are absolutely vital to the school's efficacy and growth. We invite Shawn Edwards to share her thoughts on how to lead, and how to build a strong school culture.
Q&A with Biff Maier on education as an aid to mental health
Q&A with Biff Maier on education as an aid to mental health
Nov 23rd, 2020 · Q&A
Maria Montessori argued that education should help human beings fulfil their human potential. We talk to William "Biff" Maier about what he believes fulfilment looks like in today's world.
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Conventional vs Progessive Education?

A fascinating lecture about Montessori education by Dr. Matt Bateman

A Tour of the Practical Life Area: Care of the Environment


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