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Using the toilet is one of the most important ways toddlers work toward independence. Well before the active toilet learning process, you can start preparing for the process by using diaper changing time to connect with the child, communicate clearly, create consistent routines, and involve the child as much as possible.
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  • What is the Montessori approach to toilet learning and when does it begin?
  • Changing the narrative: Gradually inviting the child from being a participant to more of a collaborator, and eventually an independent child.
  • Toilet awareness with infants, and stand-up diapering logistics
  • Preparing the environment for toileting success
  • Invitations and interactions during toileting
  • Stages of active toilet learning
  • Common questions and troubleshooting


  • 63-page e-book on Toilet Learning


  • Parents with children under 3 years old
  • Caregivers (nannies, grandparents, anyone who is taking care of children)
  • Educators who work with young children under 3 years old


  • A holistic understanding of toilet learning as an important milestone in a young child’s development
  • Practical knowledge of how to approach toilet learning in a Montessori way
  • A digital handbook detailing the approach and steps to toilet awareness and toilet learning.
Meet your instructor

Meet your instructor

Monique Shen is our Nido and Toddler Trainer. After earning her BA in Psychology from Stony Brook University, Monique continued to pursue her interests in developmental psychology and found that her true passion was in early childhood education. She graduated with her AMI Montessori Diploma for the 0 to 3 age group from The Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and is currently pursuing a dual master's in Early Childhood and Special Education. Monique has opened and led toddler communities, and has also worked as part of the training team in international Montessori training courses in Mexico City for Nido and Toddler guides seeking Montessori certification.

Through this course, I learned that toilet training is not one skill - it involves several skills which we can break down to help the child achieve each small step before being successful in the whole process. It takes time for the child to learn and it can start even from birth. Setting up and following a natural rhythm and routine is recommended. No reward or punishment. Treat it neutrally, or something obviously as other living skills to help the child to understand that it is naturally to know how to take care himself, to help the child become aware of his body, his biological food production process and also his ability to read his own body sign.
Participant of Toilet Learning Course in June 2021


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  • Do you issue certificate of completion for taking this workshop?

    We issue attendance certificates for watching the entire video and answering the quiz questions and receiving a score of 70 or above. attendance of the workshop. You will receive an email following your registration and payment with more details on how to obtain your certificate of completion. Please note that The Prepared Montessorian Institute is an independent Montessori training centre with an operating license in the State of California, United States. Even though The Prepared Montessorian Institute offers MACTE-accredited Montessori Teacher Diploma program, this course falls outside of the MACTE accreditation. We cannot guarantee that our Certificate of Completion for the course counts towards your local requirements for professional development credits. Please check the requirements with the relevant agency in your state or jurisdiction.

  • Is the toilet learning book included?
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