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Adolescent Lead Guide Diploma

Specializing in educating children ages 12 to 18, this course offers a unique and comprehensive approach to learning about how the Montessori method came to be, how to practice it, and the science that informs the way it functions in real-life classrooms today. Designed for experienced educators looking to earn a Montessori Teacher Diploma and for those beginning their careers in Montessori education.
Adolescent Lead Guide Diploma

Course Delivery and Assessment

The course takes place over three summers, with some individual study required in between each summer.

Our delivery of the course involves online seminars and discussions, in-person immersive learning experiences, individual study, and in-school teaching practice.

Our online classes are offered at different times of the day in order to make it possible to attend classes wherever you are in the world, and our live offerings can be completed in one of several locations we bring our coursework to.

True to Montessori philosophy, we assess learning and performance in a way that encourages student-driven goal setting. We review assessment material and collaborate with students so that they can reflect and make improvements where necessary.

When you complete all four course components, you will obtain a fully certified diploma accredited by MACTE.

Course Components

This training will introduce, discuss, and dig deep into Montessori theory, starting from Maria Montessori's ideas early years development and leading up to adolescent Montessori pedagogy.

Adolescent Foundational Studies

This live, online part of the course is designed to ground the student in Montessori philosophy and teaching methodology. It involves an overview of the planes of childhood development, specialized classroom materials, and the Great Lessons. It can be taken anywhere you have an internet connection but is enhanced if you have access to Montessori materials. Don't have access? We can help.

Adolescent Montessori Theory and Practice

This segment is designed to give our students the opportunity to apply Montessori’s methodology to the adolescent years and to become familiar with both the pedagogy and the lessons given in real life classrooms. This includes comparative analysis between Montessori theory and other influential educators, as well as Waski's mathematics curriculum.

Curriculum and Implementation of Theory

This part of the course takes a deep dive into curriculum and lesson planning, in order for students to gain practice in getting the most out of the resources they have available. Topics include coaching and mentoring, the role of Socratic method, and the teaching of STEM subjects.

Classroom Leadership

Authentic leadership is a prerequisite for being an effective educator. This part of the course teaches students how to run an effective adolescent environment while remaining true to Montessori philosophy. We cover topics such as creating a sense of community, holding students accountable, and analyzing student progress.


Our Diploma course is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council of Teacher Education (MACTE). Known and respected across the world, it is the only accrediting body for Montessori teacher education programs recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Upcoming Cohorts

We're deep in the planning stages for what that might look like for our next cohort, but given the challenges of responding to COVID, we do not yet have our final plan for when we'll begin our next training. If you're eager to begin your learning process, we do have early childhood and elementary training offerings coming up more quickly.

Complete our contact form at the bottom of the page to be added to our interest list. We will reach out when we do have our next cohort details.

I didn't fully appreciate the accumulative power of Montessori pedagogy until I started this course. The way the curriculum starts at the infant stage and builds up to the adolescent level is absolutely incredible.
Student survey, November 2020


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