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This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to learn about Montessori, revisit the principles of the Montessori Method, or is simply interested in human progress. While it functions as a standalone course, Introduction to Montessori is also the first module of the Montessori in the Home course. It covers aspects of working with children of all ages, but with a special focus on the 0 to 6 age range.
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This workshop is an introduction for those who are beginning to learn about Montessori or want to revisit the principles of the Montessori Method. Montessori is a both a teaching methodology and a way of looking at the world. So it's not just about education; it's about the role that education should play within society. Montessori kindergartens and beautifully maintained shelves full of child-friendly activities form just a part of what Montessori is. Join us if you're curious about where the philosophy comes from, and if you want a better idea of how to put it into action with your children.


Welcome and the Potential of Childhood

We discuss our hopes for adults of the future and peek into a Montessori Nido Environment to discuss what children are capable of from the earliest ages.

Child Goals

We look at our overarching goals for children, and human beings, and discuss some ways we can support these goals with the children in our lives.

Who was Maria Montessori and how did she respond to children?

Did you know that the first Montessori school opened in 1907? And that it was a doctor, not an educator who discovered this method? We look at Dr. Montessori’s approach to observation and how we incorporate these observations into our methodology and curriculum today.

How Montessori Works

The Montessori approach relies on three interconnected elements: the child, the adult and the environment. We discuss how they relate to each other, and the adult’s responsibility in preparing and connecting the child to the environment, and stepping back to allow for choice and concentration.

Learn about Montessori for free

Our in-house education experts have created a comprehensive introduction to Montessori. This course is ideal for anyone new to Montessori and who wants to learn more.
Flexible, accessible, anywhere
Flexible, accessible, anywhere
Join anywhere from the world for this online live workshop that is offered multiple times a months at different schedules.
Direct access to experienced Montessori educators
Direct access to experienced Montessori educators
Ask any questions you have about Montessori directly to the instructor! A live course offers the unique opportunity for you to ask questions and join discussion.
Connect with a global community
Connect with a global community
This workshop has been taken by more than 15,000 parents, educators, and Montessori enthusiasts from over 50 countries. Connect with other Montessori enthusiasts like you!
This course has sparked a big interest in me! I only heard about Montessori because my friend sends her daughter to a Montessori school. Now I feel like I can use Montessori at home with my own children.
Student survey, November 2020

Meet your instructors

Emily Daggett
Emily Daggett
As a child, Emily attended Montessori programs in Portland, OR through middle school. She credits her education with fostering a love of learning that continues to serve her today. After earning a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Occidental College, Emily traveled the world and found her way back to her roots. She received her Montessori 3-6 and 6-12 certification from the Association Montessori Internationale, as well as an M.Ed. from Loyola University. She is currently working on completing her 0-3 training. Emily has worked with children ages 18 months to 12 years in Montessori settings and most recently served as Communication Manager at Montessori Northwest training center. She hopes to use her background as a Montessori child turned educator to advocate for high quality education for all children.
Mariana Serralde
Mariana Serralde
Mariana Serralde is our Senior Trainer. Mariana has been a Montessori educator for more than 20 years, working as a Children’s House Guide, Head of School, Montessori Mentor and currently as a Senior Montessori Trainer. She holds an AMI Primary Diploma from the Montessori Institute of San Diego, a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education with a specialization in Second Language Learning. Her passion for Montessori and diverse experience across the world brings about an empathetic approach to spreading Montessori pedagogy. Mariana has worked and supported several teachers and schools throughout her journey, including bilingual Montessori environments at all levels and collaborating in the development of a dual-language Montessori model for one of the first public dual-language Montessori schools.
Joel Mendes
Joel Mendes
Joel Mendes is our Executive Director. He has worked in the school setting since graduating from California State University with a BA in English Education and Literature and a California Teaching Credential, and over the years has taught and had leadership roles in schools serving both children and adults. It was when Joel became Head of a Montessori school that things really changed for him. Not only did he have the chance to work with remarkable Montessori children, he witnessed first-hand the benefits of Montessori as a father to three children attending the same school. Joel dove into Montessori completely, earning his Montessori Certification from Montessori Insitute of San Diego and mentoring his colleagues along the way. Today, Joel leads the Prepared Montessorian team, and uses his expertise to create and deliver high-fidelity training and resources to practicing Montessorians.
Having interaction with other moms, learning with and from them and their experiences with their kids, seeing successful stories of kids becoming independent are all motivating.
Student survey, May 2021

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    • Parents with children between 0 to 6 years old
    • Caregivers (nannies, grandparents, anyone who is taking care of children)
    • Educators who want to learn more about Montessori
    • Montessori educators looking for a refresher
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