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From Wine Tastings to Art Appreciation, There’s a Lot More Than Listening To Do at This Year’s Discovering the Child Conference

The Prepared Montessorian team will keep the learning lively with a handful of sessions guaranteed to surprise and delight
From Wine Tastings to Art Appreciation, There’s a Lot More Than Listening To Do at This Year’s Discovering the Child Conference

With the amount of time many of us spend online these days, it’s hard not to feel drained by long virtual meetings. To counteract the deleterious effects of Zoom fatigue, the Prepared Montessorian has been working overtime to ensure the Discovering the Child conference stays fun and lively — and full of surprises.

In addition to the 60+ insightful sessions we have planned, we’ve also organized a bunch of unexpected activities to help keep spirits high. Here’s five that you should definitely look out for:

1) Wine tasting

Trust us, this is not your average wine tasting. During this session we’ll draw upon the key principles of Montessori pedagogy to deepen your understanding of wine. This tasting emphasizes independence, values individuality, and is presented by a teacher whose job is to guide, not lead. Bring a glass of wine, pen and paper, and an open mind!

When: June 25, 2021 at 8:15 p.m. EST

2) Self-reflection 

Take some time to pause and reflect. This workshop will introduce a new self-reflection tool, which has been designed collaboratively by a group of Montessori teacher trainers and coaches. The goal is to introduce the importance of reflection in teacher training, and to encourage participants to continue the practice beyond the classroom.

When: June 26, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. EST

3) Art appreciation

Bringing Art to Life with Luc Travers

Art appreciation is often thought of as an elective that allows students to be creative. However, the value of art appreciation goes far beyond exercising creativity. Just like reading literature, reading artwork leads to a deeper understanding of humanity and one’s self. In this session, you will experience an innovative art appreciation lesson, and see how riveting and deeply meaningful the visual arts can be. 

When: June 26, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. EST

4) Meet attendees from across the globe

At any time during the conference, you can visit the Networking Area in order to meet other guests. It's a bit like mingling at a real conference, where you get to exchange introductions while waiting for a workshop to start — just hit the "Ready" button on the conference browser before a session starts, and you’ll enter a series of one-on-one meetings. Each session will last 3 minutes, and participants will have the option to set up separate one-on-one meetings if they both want to carry on talking with the people they meet.

When: Any time during the conference

5) Play games

Time to get competitive! Thanks to our corporate partners, we’re offering a wide variety of giveaways and prizes throughout the Discovering the Child conference. Join a virtual scavenger hunt, grab tickets for one of our raffle competitions, or test your knowledge during a trivia quiz — but keep it friendly!

When: Any time during the conference