A toolkit for the Montessori professional.

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All you need to develop your career as a professional Montessorian.

Prepared Montessorian is a professional development platform seeking to provide the practicing adult Montessori educator with the tools, resources, perspective, and inspiration—the prepared environment—necessary to optimally guide the communities under her care. Our network of coaches and resource creators brings together decades of combined experience with all aspects of running Montessori programs, across dozens of schools and multiple countries.


A platform for teachers.

Prepared Montessorian offers a variety of content designed for use by Montessori educators in perfecting their classroom practice. Our resources are supplemental to formal Montessori training programs, and place particular emphasis on the real-world application and full implementation of Montessori practice. They invite Montessorians to recall, apply, and deepen their understanding of Montessori pedagogy, as well gain a holistic perspective on the larger requirements to fully enact an integrated Montessori school vision.


A resource for school leaders.

As an administrator or Head of School, you're expected to be an expert in everything from pedagogy, to marketing, to human resources, to operations, to management, to finance. We know how demanding it is to be a school leader, and how varied the knowledge that's required. We've designed our offerings to help you fill in the gaps, so that you can round out your skillset and overcome challenges in building a beautiful, successful, thriving school.